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scan code charging adapter
scan code charging adapter
scan code sharing charge treasure (base battery version)
model: FLY SM12B
specification: 175mm X 70mm X 51mm
output: 5V 2.4A (maximum)
power storage: 15000 MA (customizable capacity)
color: customizable
interface: Apple Android TYPE-C
base self battery
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Scavenging sharing rechargeable battery (pedestal battery)

Flypower scan code charging adapter (base battery version)

Model: FLY SM12B

Specifications: 175mm X 70mm X 51mm

Output: 5V 2.4A (maximum)

Power storage: 15000 MA (customizable capacity)

Color: customizable

Interface: Apple Android TYPE-C


scan code charging adapter is suitable for restaurants, KTV, bars, clubs and other fixed scenes, which can be used for Android. Apple, Type-c's mobile phones and tablet computers are fast charging.

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